Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Ten books to read when you don't have a lot of time!

The title of this post may have you thinking that I'm about to recommend several books that are under three hundred pages that you can fly through but (plot twist) it's not

Ooh, the suspense.

 It's about books that are so fast-paced/adorable/magnificent that you can't bear to put them down for a mere five seconds because that would be literal torture. It's about books that you can finish in a few hours because they're just SO GOOD.

I've read several books this year that I've absolutely flown through! Now, I'm not a super fast reader and I don't generally read a book in a day but all the books below are books I've finished in a day.


I got this book out of the library last week because a) It had sprayed edges and b) it was a newish release that I'd been wanting to read and I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did but boy, I flew through it. I didn't finish this in one day but I read over half of it the day I got it, I stayed up late reading it and I didn't stop at one more chapter. It's gripping, it's dark and it's eerily real. I recommend you pick it up. Now, preferably. 

I WILL NEVER FORGET MY READING EXPERIENCE WITH THIS BOOK. Three years ago, a rainy day in Cape Town, South Africa. I had picked up Boy Nobody at the library, mainly because of the sprayed edges (I didn't realise this post was going to have a theme but I'm clearly a basic bookworm. I see sprayed edges. I must have sprayed edges) and I started reading it the following morning whilst eating my breakfast...and I stayed like that for the next three hours whilst I finished it. I couldn't put it down and I doubt you'll be able to either. Also, THAT ENDING.

I really wasn't expecting to finish this book in one day...but I did. I think I finished it in around 3-4 hours and holy schnitzels, I should have listened to the hype sooner because this book was INCREDIBLE. Like, the plot and the world-building and the characters and EVERYTHING, BASICALLY. I couldn't put it down, I felt all the feels and V.E. Schwab is on my auto-buy authors list.

I didn't exactly read this book in a day BUT I read almost 400 pages of it in one day and then finished the other 100 pages the next day so I'm counting it. I LOVED this book. It was rich and it was complex and it was slow-paced. If you're looking for a high-action fantasy (I thought this was a fantasy but it's not, it's historical fiction and it's INCREDIBLE) this isn't it. The author takes time introducing us to the characters, setting the scene, introducing the politics. This book was developed slowly and intricately yet I flew through it. One of my other favourite books also was quite intricate and slower-paced and I've realised I will almost always love books like that because it provides such an in depth reading experience. 

One of the things that really stands out for me when I think of this book is a) how utterly unique it is and b) how the ending made me ugly cry. I remember just chilling in the lounge, reading my book, reaching the last few pages and then NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE BECAUSE MY EMOTIONS WERE ATTACKING MY EYES. My parents were staring at me like

 I still haven't recovered. BUT SERIOUSLY, this book is amazing and I also read it in a day (I think) and if you want to read my thoughts on it, you can click here. It's an amazing book that you'll fly through. Now go. Go read my review. Then buy the book. GOOO.

THIS BOOK WAS SO ADORABLE AND I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE MOVIE!!! I read this book in one day and I was so invested in the story. I cried, I laughed, I felt le anxiety...it was such a wonderful story with wonderful characters and a wonderful romance. READ IT! If you haven't already. Read my thoughts here!

Whenever I think of the summer of being sixteen, I think of this series. I marathoned the entire series the August of '15 after getting the first three books from a charity store (the first books I bought in England, if you were wondering, which you probably weren't but FUN FACT) and I fell completely in love with them and proceeded to spend my summer reading the whole series. IT WAS GREAT. I think most of them took me a day or two to read. They're fast-paced, they're witty, they're brilliant and SO PRECIOUS TO ME.

THIS SERIES IS MY LIFE. I read Pushing the Limits when I was 13 (it was one of my first e-ARCs!) but I didn't love it because I think it was slightly too mature for me BUT I read Dare You To, Crash Into You and Take Me On two years ago during my holidays and I LOVED THEM SO MUCH. They're pretty thick books (over 400 pages) and I read them in a day. Katie McGarry is hands down one of the best YA contemporary writers out there.

The Skulduggery Pleasant series is incredibly close to my heart and it's one of my all-time favourites. These books are thick, the last few are over 600 pages (if I recall correctly) but I read them over a 24 hour period. They're fast-paced, they're filled with plot twists, the characters are incredible and they play like a movie in your head. PLEASE READ THEM. I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER.

This book was SO CUTE! The characters are amazing, I LOVED the premise, the writing was gorgeous, the family and friendship dynamics were beautiful, too! This book is also over 400 pages but I read this in one sitting. I couldn't put this book down and it's so easy to fly through! Here are more of my thoughts, if you need more convincing! PLEASE READ IT, KTHXBAI. 

SO, I hope you like my list! I devoured all of these so quickly and I couldn't put them down. If you're looking for a book to read in a short amount of time...here you go. You're welcome.

Have you read any of these and what did you think? Which books have you read in a few hours? Are you a fast reader or a slow one? LET'S DISCUSS! 
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Monday, 14 August 2017

What I've Been Reading #19


I hope you all are well! 

I had a good weekend. I went to Nando's on Friday with a friend which was a lot of fun. I spent Saturday morning volunteering and then on Sunday I attended my church's morning and evening service which was great! I'm so happy we found a church and I'm learning so much about the Bible during the services, which is always good! I also went to the park on Sunday with my parents and we had tortilla chips, chocolate buttons and cherries. The sun was shining, a brass band was playing and I read some of Carve the Mark - it was a lovely day!

I didn't read as much as I would've liked last week as it was quite a busy week. We were out a lot and I was volunteering a lot so I didn't get to read much. However, I did finish two books! GO, ME! 

I also started my final year of school today and it was quite relaxed. I started at 8:30 and I finished before 14:00 which was awesome! It probably won't be like that again so I enjoyed it while it lasted. 😂 I wasn't really able to do physics though as I realised I'd ordered the wrong textbook but my new one should be here tomorrow! I'm so excited for this year's physics because although it looks SO HARD, there's an astrophysics unit and the topics look amazing! I'll write a post about it once I get the book so I can show you what I'll be learning! 

I'm also getting my maths exam results on Thursday and I'm so nervous because I'm pretty sure I messed up the first exam. I had two other maths exams and I think those went quite well but I don't know if I did well enough in them to make up for the first exam. I'M SO SCARED FOR MY RESULTS.

ANYWAY, I have tomorrow off from school (yay!) and every Tuesday for the next three weeks because I'm volunteering so I'll hopefully spend the morning reading and blogging and then, if work is quiet, I can read there too! YAY! 

Contagion (Dark Matter, #1)How to Fly with Broken Wings

Contagion - ⭐.5 | How to Fly with Broken Wings - ⭐.5

Contagion was SO GOOD. I absolutely flew through it. It was addictive, gripping, horrifying...I LOVED IT SO MUCH. I need the next book so badly. You should all read it, like, now.

How to Fly with Broken Wings is a cute middle-grade novel and although I enjoyed it I didn't absolutely love it. My review will be up this week! 

Carve the Mark (Carve the Mark, #1)

I LOVE THIS BOOK. The characters are wonderful, the world building is wonderful, the writing is wonderful and I love it a lot. I'm so happy that Veronica Roth still remains one of my favourite authors! I've been reading this for a week and I'm not sure why it's taking me so long? All I know is that I don't want it to end! 

Ink and Bone (The Great Library, #1)Since You've Been Gone

Same as last week! I'm hoping to finish Carve the Mark tonight or tomorrow morning (I have 142 pages left) and then read Ink and Bone tomorrow during volunteering (provided the library isn't too busy!) as Wednesday is book club and I haven't read it yet. I'm not the most organised person when it comes to reading, clearly.

What did you read last week? Did you enjoy it? Have you read Carve the Mark and what did you think?

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Friday, 11 August 2017

Stacking the Shelves #106 - In which I splurge on books before going on my book buying ban

Hi everybody!

How are you all doing? How has your week been? I've had a pretty good week which I'm so happy about after having a rough few weeks towards the end of July. Why was it a good week? LET ME TELL YOU.

So the main reason why it was a good week is because I got my English exam results back yesterday and I was SO NERVOUS for them because it's very hard to get a high mark in the Cambridge International Exams English syllabus and I was sure I got 80% at most but I got 92%!!! I'm so, so incredibly happy that all my hard work paid off! To celebrate, my dad bought me a copy of Carve the Mark (THANKS, DAD!) and my parents got us this really nice pizza. THURSDAY WAS SUCH A GREAT DAY.

I then went to Nando's tonight with my friend I met at volunteering and we had such a lovely time chatting about so many different things and eating wonderful food! I get along so well with her and I'm so happy I met her!

I'm also starting school next week (MY FINAL YEAR - WHAT?!) and I'm equal parts excited and sad. I've always loved school and it's (obviously) been a huge part of my life and it's going to be quite disorientating not being homeschooled anymore as for the past five years that's what I've done and I've gotten into quite a nice routine now, I don't really want it to be over! 

I'm probably going to be quite scarce this year (unfortunately each year I seem to grow more scarce the more hectic school becomes) but I hope you can understand, as I need to get my grades so that universities will accept me. It's a very important year...which makes it quite stressful. HOWEVER, I'm going to be taking a gap year (or two) because I need to have my indefinite leave to remain to qualify for the UK university fees (the international fees are almost £20k a year which I definitely can't afford) so although I'm hoping to work/tutor/do online courses during that time, I'll definitely have a lot more time for blogging, reading and writing so I'm hoping to really throw myself into my blog before I go to university! 

I also created a poll on Twitter asking what content you'd like to see more of on my blog and the winning answer was homeschooling/study posts so I'll definitely be including more of that! I might turn it into a fortnightly/monthly feature where I post various study tips, how I plan my revision, what it's like being homeschooled etc! 

If you visited my blog last week you might've seen that I'm now officially on a strict book buying, borrowing and requesting ban in attempts to tame that towering TBR! This was all bought and borrowed and requested before the ban - just a disclaimer. 😉

SO, I was kind of naughty and I bought TWO BOXSETS. Both by the same author whose books I've never read before - was that optimistic or stupid? A bit of both, I suppose haha! They were on sale each for £6 - how could I say no to that?! 

I've been wanting to read The Young Elites trilogy forever as well as the Legend trilogy! I actually started reading Legend in the library and I thought to myself well, darn it, this book is fan-freakin-tastic. So I went on Ebay to see if anyone was selling the first book and then I saw that The Works was selling the boxset for £6. So I bought it. With not much thought. I still don't regret it and it's been over a week so it was a good decision! 😂

I also purchased Nerve, The Last Star, Nightshade, The Potion Diaries, The Moonstone and The Woman in White. I've been wanting to read Nerve before I watch the movie (the movie looks so good!) and I've heard the movie is better than the book which is quite rare so we'll see how it goes. I also FINALLY got The Last Star which I'm SO EXCITED ABOUT. I absolutely loved the first two books and I'm so excited to read the conclusion! Nightshade looks like your typical YA paranormal book but, let me be real with you guys, I love those books. They're generally full of cliches and tropes (hello, love triangle) but there's something so addictive and enjoyable about them, isn't there? I'm really looking forward to reading it! 

I also purchased The Potion Diaries as it looks so cute and I absolutely love the cover (there needs to be more pink on books. I LOVE PINK). I'm also trying to read more classics so when I went to Whole Foods (one of the best shops food shops ever) and I was looking at their little book sale collection they have at the exit my eyes strayed towards The Woman in White which I've heard is a definite must read and The Moonstone which sounds SO INTRIGUING. I've been wanting to delve into mystery books lately but mystery books without gore and murder and stuff and - correct me if I'm wrong - although these are gothic mysteries they're not that horrifying, or so I've heard? Anyway, I'm SO EXCITED TO READ THEM! 

I got one review book this week and it's one I'm SO EXCITED FOR I COULD PRACTICALLY DIE. 
Are you ready?! 
Are you?
I think you're going to be...wonderstruck...


I'll be reading this next week so look out for my review which will probably be up a week prior to publication (31st of August)! 


 *heavy breathing*

I'M SO FRIKKIN EXCITED FOR THESE. I read Shatter Me back when I was an ickle 15-year-old and I fell completely in love with it so I'm VERY excited to reread it and read the next two books! 

Also, when I saw Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index I'm pretty sure I let out an audible squeak. I've been wanting to read this book forever and I had actually reserved it ages ago but then cancelled it because I had a lot of books out. However, as I volunteer at the library four times a week and I'm generally there on days I don't volunteer as well, I was leaving my shift at the library when I saw this sitting on the shelf. I think it had probably just arrived as I was about to leave and I was SO HAPPY to see it there! I love YA contemporaries and I have a feeling I'm going to love this one, too! 

Do you love libraries? Do you ever find yourself needing to go on buying bans? What are your top tips for sticking to it?
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Thursday, 10 August 2017

The Nowhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie was utterly magical and completely brilliant

The Nowhere Emporium
Title: The Nowhere Emporium
Series: N/A
Author: Ross Mackenzie
Genre: Middle-Grade, Fantasy
Publication: March 5th 2015, Kelpies
Pages: 280 Pages, Paperback
Source: Thank you to Netgalley for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review!
Rating: 4.5/5 cupcakes!
When the mysterious Nowhere Emporium arrives in Glasgow, orphan Daniel Holmes stumbles upon it quite by accident. Before long, the 'shop from nowhere' -- and its owner, Mr Silver -- draw Daniel into a breathtaking world of magic and enchantment. Recruited as Mr Silver's apprentice, Daniel learns the secrets of the Emporium's vast labyrinth of passageways and rooms -- rooms that contain wonders beyond anything Daniel has ever imagined. But when Mr Silver disappears, and a shadow from the past threatens everything, the Emporium and all its wonders begin to crumble. Can Daniel save his home, and his new friends, before the Nowhere Emporium is destroyed forever?

Would you like to know what I liked about this book?

Well, let's just say the following GIF represents me, about to read to you, the list of things I liked (and loved) about The Nowhere Emporium. TRUE. STORY. This book was all kinds of wonderful and it utterly entranced me and you should all read it because it's truly magnificent.

Image result for long scroll gif

OKAY, SO. The Nowhere Emporium is about an orphan, Daniel Holmes, who isn't having the best time at his orphanage in Glasgow. He's bullied and friendless and not in the best state. However, one day when he's running from the bullies who dictate the orphanage, Daniel stumbles into a shop to hide from the gang. AND THAT'S WHERE ALL THE FUN BEGINS. He finds himself in the hands of Mr. Silver, a kind, yet intimidating, man who takes him under his wing after discovering that Daniel has magic running through his veins. He introduces him to the emporium, with its twisting corridors that lead into rooms that contain oceans and jungles and various impossible things (I am a sucker for stories like this. Rooms containing continents and planets and cities - SIGN ME UP). He meets Ellie, Mr. Silver's fiery daughter, and the various circus folk that roam the corridors, striking up friendships with them all. Daniel has finally found a place to call home and friends to call family....annnnd then life happens. There's a cruel, sinister villain on their tails, one who will stop at nothing until Mr. Silver is dead and the book of Wonders is in his hands. As Mr. Silver disappears, Daniel and Ellie must try everything they can to prevent the emporium from falling apart and falling into Vindictus Sharpe's hands. Do they succeed? WELL, YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY READ THE BOOK AND FIND OUT. Not convinced? Well, my handy list of All the Things I Loved about The Nowhere Emporium will help change your mind. If not, I'll clearly have to work on my book persuading skills. 

All the Things I Loved About The Nowhere Emporium:
1. The general atmosphere of the book
This book was extraordinary and utterly magical. and it made me feel like a young child again, it ignited my imagination and refilled my wonder gauge. I was completely captivated by The Nowhere Emporium and it gave me the tools to rediscover that childlike vivid imagination that tends to fade with age.

2.  The Characters
If you've been on my blog for two seconds you'll probably know that I live for the characters in books. There could be no plot and the writing could be less than average, but if you have characters that are real and brilliant and wonderful...I will probably love the book. 
And I loved the characters in The Nowhere Emporium. SO MUCH. 
They were quite complex and they all had their demons, it was nice seeing three-dimensional characters in a middle-grade novel as that's something I often find lacking! 

Image result for baymax hug gif

Actual image of me hugging most of the characters in this book. There, there my smol precious children.
  • Daniel Holmes is the protagonist of the story. He's an unlikely hero and a lovable one. I adored him. He was brave, he was clever and he was kind. He's an orphan boy who lost his parents in awful circumstances and the orphanage he's been placed in is a building devoid of friends, kindness and warmth. I also loved that he was a realistic kid, he made some silly mistakes but he had a heart of gold and I LOVED HIM OKAY. I felt a burst of happiness for Daniel when he was taken under Mr. Silver's wing and discovered a life of wonder and magnificence because the precious marshmallow really, really deserved it.
  • I loved Ellie as well, Mr. Silver's twelve-year-old daughter. On the exterior, she's fierce and stubborn and brave, but there were little chinks in her armour that allowed her fear, her sadness and her uncertainty to reach the reader, making her feel like a very authentic character. She felt trapped and stifled due to not being able to leave the Emporium's walls and I felt so sad for her because she was just a real girl who was a ghost to everyone but her father, Daniel and the Emporium's staff.  She just wanted to set foot outside the Emporium's walls and see the real world, breathe fresh air into her lungs and explore the extraordinary beauty of Earth. She was sassy and brave but she showed her vulnerability as well which made her feel so much more real! 
  • I liked Mr. Silver too! He had a quiet kind of strength, he was kind, generous and utterly magical. However, he was also tormented by the ghosts of his past and it showed. He wasn't a perfect character but I loved him nonetheless. 
  • Then there was Vindictus Sharpe who is clearly psychologically damaged and has no soul and not an ounce of humanity in him. He's a dark, dark character and I was quite surprised that he featured in a children's book because he's motives and actions are chilling. He brought a darkness to the story that was accompanied by intrigue and suspense throughout the novel.
3. The Plot
The plot was intense, bro. It was intense. There were plot twists and cliffhangers and secrets and IT WAS JUST AN EXPLOSION OF EPICNESS, BASICALLY.  There's wonder woven through the exciting events but there's also a fuse of danger and suspense planted like landmines throughout. For a children's book, it's dark. There are cutthroats and murders, duels and death and chilling psychopathic villains. However, it's all intertwined in a magical conglomeration of delectable writing, loveable characters, friendship and imaginative wonder that makes it the perfect read for people of all ages. BUT SERIOUSLY, the last part of this book was INCREDIBLE and my pulse was racing for the last few chapters. I was listening to the audiobook whilst volunteering at the library and the people must have thought I was deranged because these were my expressions...not a pretty sight. I was kept on the edge of my seat the entire time which was awesome

Image result for shocked gif
Related image
Image result for victory gif
Image result for crying book gif
Image result for hugging book gif
4. The Writing
Oh, how I loved the writing! It melted like golden honey on my tongue and it crackled with the power and beauty of exploding fireworks. The Nowhere Emporium is written so imaginatively, it's completely genius and spectacularly brilliant. It's storytelling at its finest. The words used seemed enchanting and they way they flowed into each other to create spellbinding sentences had me awestruck. The writing offers out its hand to take you on the most breathtaking of journeys. It's glorious.

5. The Subtlety of Tender Topics
Perhaps it's just my analytical nature reading too much into the content of the book or perhaps this was the author's purpose, but I felt like one of the book's purposes was to introduce children to the idea of real life in a palatable manner: real life that shows death is inevitable, it can't be undone and some people are ruthless. There were several instances that Mr. Silver mentioned that not even magic could bring the dead back to life and sometimes people die in stupid accidents which is sadly a case of the wrong place at the wrong time, how grief can cause us to lose hope and how everyone, at some point, dies. It was just something I noticed and if that was the author's intention I think he did a brilliant job at it as he showed that death can happen to anyone, even if they are young and that it's not something you can erase..but he also showed that it will be okay eventually. I think it's important to talk about the subject in middle-grade as I lost someone very close to me when I was 12 and I think if I had been introduced to grief in books it might've helped me understand everything a little better. 

6. The Feels
No joke, this book gave me all the feels. I teared up, I laughed, I felt anxiety, I felt wonder...I LOVED IT. Books that make me feel actual things are the best kind of books, you know.

7. Everything, basically
The Nowhere Emporium is a whimsical, enchanting read with orphan boys, girls that aren't quite ghosts, dueling magicians and a shop of wonders. All those wonderful things held together by delectable writing, an excellent plot and extraordinary friendships provide for an enchanting read. I hope that you'll pick this up and give it a read, as it's truly proof that books are kind of magical portal. 

I give it: 4.5/5 cupcakes

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The Great Book Buying Ban of 2017

I HAVE A BOOK BUYING PROBLEM. And a library problem which is probably a bigger problem than the book buying problem at the moment....

Anyway, I've reached the conclusion (it took me long enough) that I need to go on a serious book buying/library book borrowing/ARC requesting ban. I was looking at my TBR bookcase the other day, squinting as I counted all my unread books and then proceeded to be filled with intense anxiety as I acknowledged all the unread books on my shelf. I know this shouldn't bring me anxiety as I've always had a lot of unread books on my shelf so that I never run out of anything to read (that almost-excuse sounded a lot less feeble in my head...moving on) but I'm not going to lie, it does. Especially as I have a lot of unread books on my shelf. A lot. Not twenty books or even fifty books, but quite a few more than that. And that's not counting the ebooks and the ton of library books I currently have out. 

Image result for panic intensifies gif

So, me being the wise, mature adult I am (HA HA) I decided it was time to take some action and temporarily halt my book buying and library books borrowing and ARC requesting (although to be fair I rarely request books these days. Well done, me). In the past, I would just randomly say BOOK BUYING BAN and pray that it works but it rarely did and now looking back as the wiser, more mature adult I am, I realise that probably wasn't the most effective method. I've devised a new method that should work better than the other one as there is some actual structure and not a random declaration said to my bookshelf at one in the morning (glo up is real). I've created a set of rules as well as a list of logical reasons as to why this book buying ban is Very Much Needed and an Utterly Spectacular Idea that I'll revisit when my resolve weakens (which it will, it so will). SO, LET'S COMMENCE WITH THE TORTURE EXTREMELY HELPFUL PLAN.
1. I have a lot of unread books on my shelf and I really don't need more books quite yet. 
Books that were published in the 1800s and books that are published next month are sitting on my shelf. ALL BOOKS THAT I DESPERATELY WANT TO READ BUT HAVEN'T BECAUSE I'VE BEEN TOO BUSY READING LIBRARY BOOKS (I love my library and I love library books, a little too much, which is probably a big contributor to the problem BUT I SHALL TRY TO REMEDY THAT) and I really want to try to read the books I have before I purchase any more books!

2. A lot of unread books that are causing me stress even though they shouldn't...but they are
If I have a smaller TBR pile, I'm 90% certain that I'll feel slightly less stressed. To be less stressed is one of my goals in life. I stress a lot, I consider it one of my finest talents.

Image result for stress gif

3. Borrowing fewer books from the library means I can read all my own books and tab away to my heart's content
I love reading my own books as I can tab, tab, tab away. Cute kissing scene? TAB. A quote that holds all the secrets to the universe? TAB. An appearance of a cute doggo. TAB. You don't believe me? 

THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING...or in this case, the paperback. 

4. I have quite a few unread review copies on my shelf. Not an embarrassingly large amount but still big enough to be a cause of concern. By reducing the library visits and the book buyings I'll not only be decreasing my TBR pile and having more time to read review copies BUT I'll also have more content for my blog. SO! MUCH! WIN! 

5. Let's be real, every time I buy a book it goes on my shelf to be read at a later date, which is fine but it would be nice to read a book as soon as I get it and then not feel bad about all the books I've had on my shelf since dinosaurs roamed the earth that I still haven't read. CAN YOU IMAGINE?

I must look at this when I'm about to waver as I MUST BE REMINDED.

Before I get into the rules, I need to ask what is my goal exactly? 
Well, the goal is to reduce the number of books I'm buying, borrowing and requesting and in the process read more of my own books so that I can reduce my TBR pile by a considerable amount. Not enough to have no unread books on my shelf (that would probably cause me more anxiety because it would be a nightmare come to life) but enough to not feel bad or stressed about it. 

How am I going to do this? Well, this is where the rules come into play.

1. The ban is from today (the 9th of August 2017) until the 31st of December 2017.
I want to try to not buy many more books for the rest of 2017. Hopefully I can enter into the new year with pride and satisfaction at the fact that I can actually possess some kind of self-control. Maybe future Kyra will look back and say

Image result for you're doing great sweetie gif

Now, wouldn't that be nice?

2. Only take out one library book a month (and visit the library less frequently)
It hurts to write this sentence but I think for a ban, that's a fair demand to make. 
One library book a month is fine and it's definitely manageable to read that and several of my own books!

3. For every five books I've bought and read, I can buy one book
The. Pain. Is. Real. But again, I think that's fair, right? It's rewarding myself for a job well done which I'm sure is essential to keeping me motivated and on the right track, no?

4. Once I've sent in four reviews for each publisher I have a book from (I don't have four books from every publisher I've worked with but for the ones who I have, that rule applies), I may request another (if it's a book I really want) after I've sent in the desired amount of reviews.
I rarely request review copies these days as I want to try to read the review books I currently have so this shouldn't be a problem!

5. Don't request books from Netgalley. Just don't. 
Speaks for itself, really. Again, I rarely request books on Netgalley and Edelweiss so I'll definitely cope with this.

6. I can buy a book from a charity store if it's a book I've already read but don't own
As my goal is to reduce the number of unread books on my shelf, I will buy a book I've read that I haven't already got. As a lot of my favourites have been books I've read from the library, I don't actually own a lot of them!

7. If I'm reading one of my own books that are in a series and I haven't got the other book, I'm allowed to purchase the next book in the series provided I read it immediately
Again, I think this is fair! There have been so many times that I've read the first book in a series but I haven't owned the rest so, even though I loved the series, I never ended up finishing it. Which pains me greatly. #bookwormproblems

8. Reduce going into bookstores, charity stores and browsing Amazon
I find the best way to avoid buying books is to just not be in a place where it's tempting to buy any. I've bought so many books in England because the charity stores are incredible and they have wishlist books for only £1.50. I want to try to drastically reduce the amount of times I go into bookstores and charity stores during the ban. It may be my only hope. *looks dramatically off into the distance*

So, this is my official book buying ban post! Do you think my rules are fair? Do you have a large TBR and does it stress you out like it stresses me out?! Have you ever been on a book buying ban and what are your tips to sticking to it? Let's discuss!
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